*NEW* Preventive Healthcare Plans now available at OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital

This May the OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital, located in the Hill's Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre, launches its new Preventive Healthcare Plans for Adult Cats and Dogs as well as Healthy Start Puppy and Kitten Plans. The Plans are designed to provide annual preventive care for your pet. Adult Plans include a range of care from an annual exam, vaccines, blood work and fecal analysis to an array of comprehensive diagnostic options. Healthy Start Kitten and Puppy plans include three comprehensive exams, vaccines, fecal analysis, spay/neuter surgery, and more - all services are offered at a discounted rate and plans include unlimited scheduled office visits

Plan members can spread the cost of the Plan across the 12 months of the Plan Year to make it easier to budget your pet's preventive healthcare needs.  Monthly payments can be automatically charged to a credit card. There is also the option of paying in full if preferred.

These comprehensive care plans are focused on disease prevention and management, leading to improved overall health for your pet!

Contact the OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital team to learn which plan is best for you and your pet.

Click images below to preview the plan options:

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