Annual Wellness Examinations

A wellness examination is a routine medical examination of a patient, and are often referred to as 'annual health exams', 'check-ups' or 'physicals'. The focus of our wellness visits is to maintain the optimal health of your pet in order to maximize their quality of life.

Much like your own check-up, annual wellness is an essential aspect of care to the overall health and well-being of your pet. While we recommend annual examinations at a minimum, many pets benefit from more frequent examinations, depending on the needs of the patient. For more information about the frequency of visits to the veterinarian, please visit our 'My Pet' section, or contact us at the centre.

Our wellness examination includes:

  • Complete physical exam from nose-to-tail
  • Detailed collection of patient medical history
  • Vaccinations, where appropriate
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Dental assessment
  • Pain assessment
  • Behavioural consultation
  • Parasite assessment
  • Recommendation for diagnostics (fecal analysis, blood chemistry, wellness screening, etc)

In preparation for your pet's wellness examination, we would ask that you please bring in a fecal sample to the appointment, as well as the brand/type/name of the pet's diet and any medications or supplements that your pet is currently taking. If you have any questions or would like to both an appointment with us, please contact us at 519-840-0100 or make an appointment.