Experience Our Centre

Welcome to the Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC)!

We want to ensure a comfortable, relaxed, and enjoyable visit for both you and your pet. Once you step through our doors, your experience will begin with a smile and a friendly face. An abundance of natural light and earth tones complement our spacious building and provide a soothing influence on those who enter. Treat yourself to a hot beverage for your enjoyment, as well as internet access where you can review education materials regarding your pet. Our welcoming area also provides a large screen television showing educational information, FAQs, and pet trivia for your enjoyment. Our reception area consists of individual check-in and out services to provide you with maximum efficiency of service during your visit.

Our Examination Rooms

The PHC has multiple exam rooms to ensure that you are never waiting long to meet with our healthcare professionals. We also offer exam rooms with extra space for those with special mobility needs, as well as a separate exam room for consultations requiring extra privacy.