Community Connections

The OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital is always seeking to further connect with clients and the community at large. Educating clients and the surrounding community is an important aspect of continuing education in primary healthcare. Our clinic is a proud member of the Guelph community and surrounding area, and provides educational opportunities for clients and community members.

Our Pet Healthcare Seminar series presented by our graduating veterinary students provides community members with helpful pet care information they can use to improve and maintain the health of their pets. If you plan on attending a seminar, please RSVP to our clinic at 519-840-0100.  

If you would like a more in-depth tour of our centre, please request a tour with us and one of our staff or student veterinarians will be happy to show you around and provide you with more information about our centre. If you would like to use our space for a meeting or social gathering, please contact us at the centre for more information.